A remount ambulance is a way to alter an existing ambulance, removing the box and renovating the vehicle to give it new life for your fleet. In many cases, people will choose to build an ambulance remount from an old truck that has experienced extensive wear and tear. Rather than purchasing a brand-new emergency vehicle, remounting the ambulance will enhance the existing vehicle and recondition or replace the worn-out components to achieve a top-of-the-line, high-quality ambulance that works like new.

The Process of Remounting an Ambulance

An ambulance remount involves removing the existing ambulance module or box from an existing chassis and remounting it onto a new chassis. It extends the life of your ambulance, saving you a lot of money and helping you avoid a costly new vehicle purchase.

Here’s the typical process to remount an ambulance:

  • Inspect the vehicle for worn-out or damaged components that require reconditioning or replacement.
  • Remove old decals, degrease, and pressure wash the ambulance to prevent new paint adhesion problems.
  • Disconnect the HVAC system, electrical harnesses, and other hardware.
  • Dismount the ambulance box from the existing chassis and mount it on a custom-designed trailer.
  • Strip the ambulance module parts and label them.
  • Repair damage, dents, and corrosion on the ambulance body.
  • Repaint the body, then polish buff.
  • Reassemble using new or reconditioned components, including hardware, flooring, trim, upholstery, and cabinets.
  • Prep the chassis and remount the module onto the new chassis.
  • Install the new electrical system
  • Detail the ambulance top to bottom.
  • Provide a final inspection.

Benefits of a Remount Ambulance

Cost savings is one of the biggest benefits of remounting an ambulance. Extending the lifespan of your existing ambulance and rejuvenating it to facilitate optimal performance is a close second.

Other benefits include:

  • Fast turn-around time
  • Customization
  • Enhanced look and functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Technology upgrades
  • Sustainability

Overall, an ambulance remount gives you a cost-effective option to upgrade your fleet. In addition, your crew will appreciate having a like-new ambulance that helps them perform better and improve safety on the road.

Upgrade Your Ambulance Fleet with Trinity Apparatus

If you are interested in remounting an ambulance, the team at Trinity Apparatus is here to answer your questions. We can guide you through the process. Our experts provide top-quality services and materials to ensure you have a successful remount. Or, if you decide your vehicle is past the point of renovation, we can help you find a used or new ambulance to meet your needs and budget. Count on us for exceptional customer service and ambulance knowledge to give you a positive experience every step of the way.

Contact Trinity Apparatus today to schedule a professional ambulance remount or to learn more about our extensive inventory of emergency vehicles to meet your needs.