A regular, preventative maintenance strategy is critical to the life of your emergency vehicles to minimize unnecessary downtime. Emergency vehicles are always on call; they never get a break. Therefore, they must be in tip-top shape at all times, or things could go dangerously wrong, and lives could be at risk. Learn how to provide optimal maintenance to keep your emergency vehicle on the road.

The Risk of Not Having Preventative Maintenance

Neglecting preventative maintenance can leave your emergency vehicles with a host of problems that can have severe and even deadly consequences. In addition, without proper care, you expose your emergency department to greater liability and cost. When lives are on the line, an emergency vehicle failure can lead to costly lawsuits and damage your department’s reputation.

What Should Your Plan Include?

The ideal maintenance plan for your emergency vehicles will include monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual checklists to ensure all vehicle components are in top condition. The plan will cover:

  • Tires
  • Door switches, hinges, handles, and locks
  • Safety warning lights
  • Alarm and siren devices
  • Cameras
  • Inverter or charger unit
  • Stretcher systems
  • Suspension system
  • Heating and AC system
  • Suction device
  • Battery connections
  • Oxygen systems
  • Seat belts and latches
  • And more!

A reputable emergency vehicle maintenance provider will be able to provide a customized maintenance plan to meet your department’s unique needs.

How to Establish an Emergency Vehicle Maintenance Program

With the proper maintenance program in place, your emergency vehicles will work their best and ensure your team can perform crucial duties. So, rather than worrying about the next breakdown or malfunction, they can focus on saving lives and enhancing safety in your community.

Furthermore, the best way to establish an effective maintenance program is to connect with a qualified team you can trust to perform tune-ups and repairs regularly. In addition, they’ll be able to assess each emergency vehicle and determine the best maintenance strategies to keep your fleet working all year long.

Let Trinity Apparatus Provide Expert Maintenance for Your Emergency Vehicles

At Trinity Apparatus, we understand that even one emergency vehicle malfunction can spell disaster for your department. So, count on us to provide trustworthy professional maintenance that will keep your team on the road, saving lives. When you choose our experts, you can get all the maintenance and repairs in one convenient location in Conroe, Texas. No need to go to multiple shops to get the services you need.

The Trinity Apparatus team brings years of experience to your emergency vehicle maintenance. Hence, we know what it takes to keep your fleet in optimal working order at a price that works for your department budget.

What kind of maintenance does an emergency vehicle require? Let us answer your questions and exceed your expectations in quality and service. To schedule emergency vehicle maintenance, contact Trinity Apparatus now.