Purchasing an ambulance can seem like an overwhelming process. After all, it’s a significant investment. So, it is essential to know what you need your ambulance to do before purchasing to make an informed decision.

Here’s what to look for when purchasing your next ambulance:

#1: What’s the specific purpose of the ambulance?

There are many different types of ambulances, each with its specific use. Ambulances come in three different forms: Emergency Medical Services (EMS), inter-facility transport, and mass casualty transport units. The design of an ambulance is dependent on its use.

For example, if you are purchasing an EMS unit, it needs to carry patients and facilitate medical care while in transit. With inter-facility transport units, they can often only move from one hospital location to another within a limited area, so the design must allow for the movement of wheelchairs and stretchers and be spacious enough for multiple staff members.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a mass casualty transport unit, it should have large amounts of storage space and plenty of room for all the necessary equipment to carry out mass casualty events.

#2: What features do you need?

It is important to know the design details and features of an ambulance before purchasing one to make an informed decision on what features you need. Buying a mass casualty transport unit allows for the storage of multiple types of equipment and supplies, whereas purchasing an inter-facility transport unit does not require this capacity.

#3: What do you need to carry with you?

You will also need to think about what items you will need with you when purchasing an ambulance. This does not mean buying an ambulance with massive storage capacity, but perhaps purchasing an ambulance that has storage space for the things you need to carry with you regularly, such as stretchers or vital medical supplies.

#4: What is your ambulance budget?

Budget is a top consideration when buying an ambulance. Identify how much money you are willing to spend on the purchase. Ambulances are expensive items. So, you will want to purchase one with features to suit your needs while fitting within your budget. If your budget does not allow for a brand new ambulance, there may be a used model that will provide the same benefits to your organization for less money.

#5: Does the ambulance need to be fully equipped?

Some people purchasing ambulances want to buy one that is already fully equipped with everything they need. Others prefer to choose the items they would like to have with them separately. Purchasing a fully-equipped ambulance means that you should not need to buy additional equipment. However, it can be more expensive upfront than buying a basic version and purchasing the rest of the equipment yourself.

The advantage of purchasing a basic vehicle and your own equipment separately is that you can choose exactly what you need and not be paying for any features or equipment you do not need.

Let Trinity Apparatus Guide You in Your Ambulance Purchase

If purchasing a vehicle like this seems daunting, and you want help finding the best model for your organization’s unique situation, turn to the experts at Trinity Apparatus. We bring expertise and experience to your emergency vehicle choice. No matter your budget, we make purchasing an ambulance easier and more affordable. Call 936.494.2552 or contact us online to get started.